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Aurora is the UK’s leading provider of face recognition technology.

Our cutting-edge solutions have been used across the UK and Middle East, logging over 15 million transactions a year.

Leaders in face recognition technology

At the heart of our portfolio is our face recognition technology that was developed in-house and which is now used in world leading face recognition systems. This technology incorporates visible and infrared modalities, face detection, image quality analysis, verification and identification. We have also recently added cloud-based image matching technology to our product range. We pride ourselves in our ability to take theory and innovation and apply it to challenging problems in the real world.

New sectors are now becoming interested in our technologies. Rather than trying to fit everything into one website we have now designed distinct sites appropriate for different users.

Aurora Creative

Aurora Creative: Facial recognition & image recognition for creatives

Aurora Creative builds cutting-edge technology solutions working with brands and agencies to suit your requirements. Using the latest facial and image recognition developments, we can provide a unique and original basis for your campaign.

We provided the face recognition technology behind Barclays hugely successful MyPlayerTwin campaign.

Aurora Security: Facial recognition for time, attendance and security

Aurora's custom-built hardware is non-intrusive. Our specialised software can swiftly and accurately identify and verify people and can be used in any situation where access security is of the utmost importance.

The industries that have adopted our security solutions include the UK government, airports, schools and construction sites.

Aurora Cloud: Facial & image recognition for techies

Aurora Cloud is a place to discover, develop and play. Here we open our world to you. You can find out what our technology can do and you can even adapt it by using our free to trial* APIs. You can delve deeper and discover more.

*Terms and Conditions apply.